About the world of Kijara

The setting of the Kijara comic is a not-too-distant future, where the use of genetic modifications in human beings has become everyday practice. Modifications are used to get rid of heritable diseases and genetic faults, but also to give individuals certain appearances, skills or qualities.

The comic takes place in the European Union, mostly in Union City, the capital of the Union. It is an imaginary world, where the countries of Europe have assembled in a way similar to the real world United States. The EU of the Kijara comic has become a country of equal rights and welfare for all – at least on the outside. The reality of the Union is one of strict control and surveillance of all citizens. All citizens must have a registered social-ID. If they do not, they have no constitutional or statutory rights and cannot obtain education, medical service, housing, or work in the Union.

A large amount of the individuals without social-ID are what the Union refers to as “illegal GMI’s”. GMI’s are genetically modified individuals. There is very strict control and monitoring of genetic modification of human beings, but illegal clinics and covert projects are abundant throughout the Union.

To deal with the problem of illegal GMI’s, the Union has established P.U.R.G.E. PURGE stands for the Police Unit for Regulation of the Genetically Engineered. PURGE also deals with crime related to regular GMI’s, since some turn out to have exceptional powers, and a special skills unit is required to deal with these individuals.

Officially all illegal GMI’s captured by PURGE are terminated or assigned to be subjects of experimentation, but rumor has it that PURGE recruits some of the talented ones to be agents in the Unit.

Visual design

The inspiration for the environments in Kijara comes from both West- and East European architecture, culture and also ghettos. Especially East German Plattenbau (buildings constructed of prefabricated concrete slabs).

Union City is divided by expensive neighborhoods and business areas and concrete ghettos and districts dominated by a very high crime rate, as well as parts that are almost completely taken over by gangs and organized crime. A lot of the plot of the comic takes place in the bad neighborhoods – visually it’s often dark and always dirty, filled with trash and dominated by seedy establishments and derelict or damaged buildings or structures as well industrial areas.