Like her three coyote brothers - Tank, Viper and Jazz - Kijara has spent most of her life with the mob-like organization, the Clan. Kijara is different from her brothers, both in body and mind, and they have picked on her for as long as she can remember.

Kijara is a skilled fighter and does a lot of important work for The Clan, but her conscience and her willfulness often get in the way of the tasks she is meant to do. Kijara may have more empathy and conscience than her brothers, but she is as aggressive and vicious as them, and she is prone to extremely violent outbursts.

Even though Kijara has endured a lot at the hands of her brothers, she still stays with The Clan. Maybe because she is afraid of them and maybe because she has nowhere else to go, and because she still feels that her brothers are her family.


Darwin grew up in a secret military facility as part of a team of children genetically designed to become super soldiers. His skin color and hair are unintended side effects from the genetic engineering.

Darwin had a hard time fitting in at the facility, and at the age of 10 he ran away. He lived in the street for a couple of years and eventually got picked up by PURGE. With no social-ID and being an illegal GMI (genetically modified individual), he might have been heading for termination or lifelong imprisonment, but a high-ranking female agent named Amanda took pity on Darwin and pleaded with PURGE directors to let her raise the young boy as her own. PURGE saw the potential in Darwin’s skills, and he was raised by Amanda to become an agent.

Since he's not a legal citizen, Darwin has to reside at the PURGE headquarters. He's talented and responsible in his job as a field leader, but his spare time is a different matter. Darwin prefers to lead a carefree life with plenty of partying, drinking and women. He's very self-confident and charming, but he is also a womanizer and generally spoiled and full of himself.


Naid is an agent in Darwin's team and also his friend. He used to work as an assistant curator at a museum of European history until PURGE got tipped off that he was an illegal citizen employed on false papers and he was arrested. He was saved from life-long imprisonment by the fact that he has telepathic abilities, which is a very rare and sought after skill in GMI’s (genetically modified individuals). Like Darwin he now resides at the PURGE headquarters.

Naid is highly intelligent (though somewhat socially awkward), and he has the ability to sense the thoughts and feelings of others. He cannot read minds as such, but he is able to pick up on the general direction of a person’s thought stream.

Naid is a vegetarian and he only needs a couple of hours of sleep at night. He is conscientious, pleasant and good-humored.

PURGE assumes that Naid is an illegal immigrant from outside the EU and most likely a product of an illegal genetic design project with an aim to create gmi's with psychic abilities.


Amy is a registered EU-citizen and a special skills agent with PURGE. Her real name is Amelia. Her genetic enhancements enable her to sense and manipulate electricity and electronic equipment. Among other things she can sense and locate implants in humans like communication devices or trackers. She works in the field, usually on the surveillance team.

Amy has grit and she is clever and always smart and feminine looking with expensive hair-cuts, suits and high heels. She loves to socialize and often goes out for drinks with her colleagues after work.


Amanda is the chief of field operations with PURGE. She is also Darwin’s foster mother. She has a son the same age as Darwin and she took pity on him when PURGE officials brought him in from the street with the intention of sending him off for termination or life-long imprisonment.

Amanda loves Darwin as her own son. She still looks after him, and she has a hard time turning him down, when he asks for things like money or gear for his apartment. She is somewhat troubled by his carefree attitude, partying and promiscuity – especially the latter, since he often causes a lot of trouble by hitting on his female colleagues. She keeps an eye on him always – much to Darwin’s regret.


Tank is the oldest of the four coyote siblings and the leader of the pack. He is responsible for the running of many of The Clan’s operations, but he generally prefers spending his time relaxing with his brothers, drinking or partying.

Tank has a lot of conflicts with his sister Kijara, especially when she refuses to obey orders. He is very violent, ill-tempered and strong, and he has no patience for Kijara's insubordination, so he usually leaves his brother Viper to deal with her. Tank generally solves problems by punching somebody in the face. He cares about nothing but having enough money and power to do whatever he wants, and nothing or no one will be allowed to get in the way of his comfortable life at the top of the Clan.


Viper is The Clan’s problem solver. He usually solves problems with a large screwdriver, and somebody usually ends up dead. He is psychopathic and sadistic and he has an unhealthy obsession with his sister Kijara. He enjoys punishing her, when she steps out of line.

Even though everybody involved with The Clan or their clubs knows the rumors of Viper’s murderous tendencies, he usually attracts a lot of young women seeking the prestige of being an escort of a top Clan member. Viper can be quite charming when he wants to and he often acts very courteously towards women (for as long as he wants to keep up the act).

Viper is clever, scheming and manipulative and also very self-centered and arrogant. He spends a lot of time trying to manipulate Kijara to work for the Clan by convincing her that he cares deeply for her and that it's her own fault if she gets treated badly.


Jazz is Kijara’s twin brother. He shares most of his brothers’ characteristics, but he is somewhat slower on the uptake. He has a short attention span and does not get complicated instructions. He usually deals with simple tasks. Like stomping on people’s heads. Though he is quite a coward and not a quick thinker, Jazz should not be underestimated. He finds strength in the pack with his brothers, and as long as they are backing him up, he is as dangerous, violent, and vicious as them.

Jazz does not care much about the operations of The Clan, and he usually spends his time playing computer games or pool or drinking with his brothers.

Jazz bickers and fights a lot with his twin sister Kijara, and even though he is actually quite scared of her, he will immediately follow suit, if his brothers start picking on her.

The General

The general is the top boss of The Clan. No one knows his real name or anything about his life before he rose to the top of the criminal organization, but rumor has it that he is ex-military and that he is a GMI (genetically modified individual) with the ability to drain the life of living beings just by touching them and leaving behind nothing but an empty shell. His hands are deformed and his head is scarred. He is short of stature but he has a powerful charisma and everybody, Clan member or not, fears him.


PURGE stands for “Police Unit for Regulation of the Genetically Engineered”. It is a special department of the European Police force that deals with illegally genetically modified individuals (illegal GMI’s) and crime committed by or related to GMI’s.

All citizens in the European Union must be registered with an EU social-ID. Any individuals who are not have no statutory rights and no right to obtain housing or work. Some genetic enhancements, like the combination of animal and human DNA, are illegal. Such GMI’s cannot obtain the EU social-ID and PURGE decides their fate – usually they are either destroyed or used for experimenting. A very few are selected to be secretly employed as special agents if their skills are useful to PURGE.

The Clan

The Clan is a mob-like organization that deals in various criminal activities such as money laundering, drug distribution, prostitution and human trafficking. They own a wide range of night clubs that are used in these activities.

High-ranking members bear the mark of The Clan in the form of a tattoo or a brand. The top boss of The Clan is a secretive ex-military man whom everybody refers to as “The General”. He is seldom seen in public and leaves the daily running of his organization to the four coyote siblings Tank, Viper, Jazz and Kijara. The general bought the four siblings from dealers in illegal GMI’s, when they were very young. They are genetically enhanced with animal DNA, which makes them stronger, faster and more durable than normal human beings, and they have all been raised as fighters and protectors of The Clan.