Like her three coyote brothers - Tank, Viper and Jazz - Kijara has spent most of her life with the mob-like organization, the Clan. Kijara is different from her brothers, both in body and mind, and they have picked on her for as long as she can remember.

Kijara is a skilled fighter and does a lot of important work for The Clan, but her conscience and her willfulness often get in the way of the tasks she is meant to do. Kijara may have more empathy and conscience than her brothers, but she is as aggressive and vicious as them, and she is prone to extremely violent outbursts.

Even though Kijara has endured a lot at the hands of her brothers, she still stays with The Clan. Maybe because she is afraid of them and maybe because she has nowhere else to go, and because she still feels that her brothers are her family.